Darling Estate Wines

A uniquly branded online presence for Darling Estate Wines of the King Valley in Victoria Australia. Communicating's Darling's history in the King Valley and their reputation for producing elegant and flavoursome wines.

Darling Estate Wines
Website Design, Brand & Photography
The Darling family has owned property in the King Valley wine region for nearly 100 years, producing wines that are made to age slowly and gracefully. We were approached to create a brand and online presence for Darling Estate that reflected their vineyard and family history in the valley.
We designed and developed a website for Darling Estate to primarily showcase & sell their wines. The site features a fully integrated online wine management and ordering system.

The developed wine management system allows Darling Estate staff to add and delete available wines and set each wine’s details, including regular price, description, images, along with specific wine details. Customer information and order tracking has been integrated into the admin system creating a useful business tool for Darling Estate.

The site has been developed with the user in mind providing a straight forward viewing and order interface.
We developed an online brand for Darling Estate focused on the King Valley region, the Darling's family history in the valley and the premium wines they produce.

Photography played a huge role in capturing the essence of the valley and family history. We photographed on location in the King Valley and had access to the Darling's family photo's. Hand drawn typography also features throughout the site.
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